3D Beach Nails by Narmai PiggieLuv

Hey girls, it's Narmai from PiggieLuv! I'm so happy to be here! When Lucrezia asked me to guest blog for her, I was so honored! I'm totally in the mood for summer so I prepared a nice beachy look for you all :)

I know this is a bit umm.... unusual :-p It's not really meant to be worn, because that would be SO uncomfortable! It's ART, just for fun, and I really enjoyed the creative process. 

The shells are real sea shells! My grandma made dollhouses when she was alive, and I like going through her stuff and finding things to use for nail art. It's like I'm honoring her memory in my own way. All of my acrylic paint used to belong to her as well :)

The sand is actual decorative sand. It's all very inconvenient to wear on your nails but it's good fun, and I like how it looks. I mean, you wouldn't want to look as extreme as a runway model either, right? But you still like looking at them ;-)

I used 2 different sheer tints for the sea water, and some white acrylic paint to make sea foam. Let's just take a look at the video tutorial I made for you, it can probably explain things better than I can!

Music "Beach Biscuit" by B-02

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2 commenti:

  1. My goodness you are SO creative!!! Love it!!!

  2. OMG! I feel like you are wearing real sea foam....It's just mesmerizing.....You are a genius Narmai! <3 <3 <3