SmaltoPedia 2.0 [English Version]


After the great enthusiasm for the first edition, SmaltoPedia is finally back, in a new 2.0 version! For those of you who have no idea of what SmaltoPedia is, it is nothing but a way to be inspired by other artists' work (obviously giving them proper credit). You can reproduce the nail art of the week exactly like the original one or, instead, add your own twist to it.
["smalto" in Italian means "nail polish"]


We'll be together for a total of 12 weeks, with 12 different nail arts to be inspired by. The last episode is just one week before Christmas! ;) 
We will publish every Thursday at 9 pm (UTC+1.00), but don't worry... You can really post at any time you want if, due to time zone, you can't do it on schedule. The only important thing we ask you is to share your recreation on Thursday.

SmaltoPedia is open to everyone, both beginners and pros! Don't worry, it's not a real challenge, just an occasion to get out of your comfort zone, have fun and meet new people ^_^
You can choose to participate every week or to recreate only some of the nail arts!

This year, we will be posting mainly on three platforms (you can use only your favorite one, two of them or all three):

-Blog: you will need to show both the original nail art and your recreation and maybe add a few words about the products you used and/or your personal experience about the process... in other words, feel free to write whatever you want!
You can add your mani to the InLinkz board at the end of every post... we're getting more and more into technology every time! :P

-Facebook: same day and time. You can post a collage of original mani and recreation. Use the hashtag #SmaltoPedia2 in the caption, so it will be easier for everyone to look at all the nail arts!

-Instagram: same as previous platform. Post your picture, credit the owner, add #smaltopedia2 hashtag and you're done. It would be much appreciated if you could tag us too in the picture! (@lu_letsplayanailgame, @giuliadepanfilis, @mitikalina, @00franails)

When are we starting? Thurs 2nd October at 9pm (UTC+1.00)! Don't miss the first episode ;)

Now, let's come to the main part. Which nail arts are we going to recreate? Here they are! We will start from top left and then go on clockwise.

1) Manal @naildecor

2) Judit @judyrox

3) Lindsey Wondrously Polished

4) Kylie @kylettta

5) Holly @hollynailsit

6) Cristina Let them have Polish

7) Christabell @christabellnails

8) Bella Seizethenail

10) Manal @naildecor

11) SharingVu @sharingvu

12) Gianna @nailstorming

Well, what do you think? Do you like 'em? :)

Just one last thing before we go. Have you seen the misterious nail art we published yesterday night? Well, you can consider it a sort of SmaltoPedia 2.0 Zero Episode! That red octopus over a sand-color base was inspired by the amazing Lindsey Wondrously Polished, the same artist who created the third week nail art. Do you think we did good enough? If you want to take a look at our recreation again or if you have missed it, just click here.

That's all for tonight!
Join our SmaltoPedia...we are waiting for you! <3

4 commenti:

  1. Should we recreate the Zero Episode and post now if we want of just wait to start in October?

    1. Oh no, don't worry. No need to recreate Zero Episode. It was just something we did to get in the mood :) SmaltoPedia will officially start next Thursday with naildecor's nail art! Welcome to our "challenge", I'm glad you'll be part of it ^_^

  2. I'm in! But just so I understand it correctly, so each design has to be posted every Thursday correct?

    1. Great! It's an honor having you here :) You understood perfectly, each design is to be posted on Thursday. We're going to publish the first one (naildecor's design) in 25 hrs from now, but feel free to post it on YOUR Thursday 9pm if you want (or whatever other time you prefer) depending on the time zone you're living in. If you have any other doubt, kik me -same name as on IG